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Airlock Valves

Style-1 Airlock ValveBCP can provide airlock valves in many sizes and configurations.  Airlock valves are used to transfer products (such as ash) between two areas of different operating pressures.  An airlock generally consists of two deck plate valves with an airlock chamber between them.

Deck Plate Valve
In an ash vacuum conveying system, an airlock valve transfers ash from the vacuum collectors to a ash storage silo.  In an ash pressure conveying system, an airlock valve transfers ash from a hopper (or series of hoppers) to a pressurized pneumatic conveying line.

The BCP airlock valves are available with 8" or 12" hopper connection flanges.  The airlock chamber can be designed to provide any desired capacity. The discharge tee section is design to match the diameter of the conveying line or removed when discharging into a storage silo.

Style-4 Upgrade
BCP also provides airlock upgrade kits.  Style-1 deckplate valves can be easily upgraded to the new Style-4 airlock design, in the field, with a complete bolt on kit.
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