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Ash Handling Systems

BCP can provide ash handling systems, system retrofits, system expansions and system field support for your existing ash handling system.

Ash Vacuum System
The illustration above reflects the basic design of an ash vacuum system.  A vacuum blower provides the motive air to convey the ash from the baghouse hoppers (or other ash collection hoppers) to the ash storage silo.  Once ash is conveyed to the top of the silo a collector/filter is used to separate the ash from the conveying air stream.  An airlock below the collector/filter discharges the collected ash into the silo without interrupting the vacuum conveying process.  This form of collecting ash is known as a continuous conveying system.  In a continous conveying system the vacuum system is capable of continuously pulling ash without the need to stop during the discharge cycle of the collector/filter airlock valve.
Ash Pressure System
The illustration above reflects the basic design of an ash pressure system.  The motive air for the system is a positive displacement blower.  Airlock valves below the baghouse hoppers (or other collection hoppers) discharge ash into the conveying air stream.  Multiple airlocks can provide a continuous collection cycle.  Ash is blown directly into the top of the ash storage silo without the need of a collector/filter.  Final air filtration is done via the silo bin vent filter.
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